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Who We Are

We are a broad coalition of affordable housing advocates, business leaders, labor, veterans, environmental groups and more working to build affordable housing across California by passing Prop 1 -- the $4 billion Veterans and Affordable Housing Act (SB 3) that will go before voters this November.

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What Prop 1 Does

  • Dedicates $1 billion to helping veterans have stable, affordable homes.
  • Builds affordable homes and provides supportive housing for struggling families and children, people experiencing homelessness and individuals with disabilities.
  • Helps people live in the communities where they work, while still having money for basics like groceries, gas and child care.
  • Creates 137,000 jobs and pumps $23.4 billion into California’s economy.
  • Tackles top priorities for Californians – building homes, creating jobs and boosting the economy.

Get the Facts

Why Californians Need Prop 1

  • 1 in 3 Californians can’t afford their rent and housing costs.
  • Many people are spending more than 30% of their incomes and some as much as 50% of their incomes on housing.
  • California has 24% of the national veteran population that is homeless – the largest share of any state.
  • Grocery clerks, nurse aides, teaching assistants and many other working professionals need to earn more than double their annual incomes to afford a modest two-bedroom apartment in most areas of the state.
  • 9 of the nation's 10 least affordable major metropolitan areas – populations of 500,000 or more – are in California, dampening businesses' competitive edge and pricing working families out.

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