CSAC Endorses 2018 Statewide Veterans and Affordable Housing Act

CSAC, the California State Association of Counties, has endorsed the $4 billion Veterans and Affordable Housing Act of 2018 that will be on the November statewide ballot.

“Support from local governments and strong public-private partnerships are crucial as we work together to ease the human suffering on our streets, enhance our economy and build more affordable homes for Californians,” said Lisa Hershey, Executive Director of Housing California and a co-chair of the Veterans and Affordable Housing Act campaign. “We are grateful to have California counties and CSAC’s support to pass the Veterans and Affordable Housing Act this November, and the understanding that no community can escape the devastation of the affordable housing and homelessness crisis.”

“The lack of affordable homes is one of the key causes of the housing and homelessness crisis that California counties are on the front line of managing in our communities. The Veterans and Affordable Housing Act measure addresses this crisis head-on and will be an important part of the effort to create more affordable homes and treat some of our most vulnerable citizens and our veterans with the respect and dignity they deserve,” said Graham Knaus, CSAC Executive Director.

Governor Brown and California’s Legislature put the Veterans and Affordable Housing Act of 2018 on the November ballot as part of a multi-pronged strategy to address the crisis faced by one in three California families who can’t afford their rents. In the last 10 years, housing costs skyrocketed, demand for affordable housing surged, and homelessness rates swelled. California voters are ready to take action, with more than 60% of likely voters already supportive of a housing bond.